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to delight and

invite you to

get to know

and to own the best modern

Cuban Art.

Nuestro Objetivo:


 de mostrarle el Arte en Cuba hoy y invitarle a conocer más y a adquirirlo para su colección privada.





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Arte de Cubanos wishes to introduce you to some of the best contemporary Cuban artists.

On this page 20 top modern artists present their work. Their work spans all aspects of art though the focus here is mainly on their painting. These Cuban artworks shows how vibrant and divers the Cuban modern art scene is today despite the economical difficulties the Cubans face. The Havana art community is very divers from local naive (amateur) painters to the most advanced forms of plastic (and conceptual) expression. We in no way claim to cover all of that. Our aim is far more limited: we want to bring you, the art lover (art investor), in direct contact with top artists that span a substantive range of Havana's art scene.

Arte de Cubanos is no "online art gallery".  We do not sell art online. We are a group of European and Cuban art lovers that want to help the artists to sell at their Havana studios directly to the clients. We aim to bring people together. That also means that we do not charge you anything and that there is no obligation to buy anything. We aim to help the artists, not to trap the tourists. We profit in no way from the sales.



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