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Inés Garrido Ramos. 


Arce, Dayán

Blanco Rusindo, Luis

Bordón, Edel

Garrido Ramos, Ines

Guzmán, Carlos

Hernández, Angel

Hernández, José Luis

Lopez Nieve, Kadir

Martínez Negrín, Alain

Mederox Sigler, José

Nodarse, Jesús

Pardo, Yamilé

Perera, Carlos Eloy

Rodríguez, Ismael

Sanchez Bravo, Teresa

Santos Zerpa, Raul

Suárez, Clavelvys

Suárez Blanco, Juan

Suárez Roque, Luis A.

Toste, Manuel

Trillo, Carlos

Vidal Feife, Yudit

Viscaino, Zenén


Born in Holguín in 1966. Works and lives in Havana.
Graduated from the National Art School (ENA), Havana 1980.
Graduated from the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), Havana 1988
Art professor in the Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Cuba and abroad, of which the more important are:
- Exhibition of contemporary Cuban Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, 1989
- ARCO ‘97, Galería Berini, Madrid
- Personal exhibition Zapping in the Development Centre of Visual Arts, Havana, December 2007.

Her works have been acquired by “the Ludwig Foundation Collection” and by Museum of Fine Cuban Arts in Vienna, Austria, as well as private collectors in Cuba and abroad.

In her painting she has recreated the figurative work based on appropiations of the works of the classic masters and created installations of contemporary art. Her last series – under the title of Zapping – constitute a commentary on the relativity of the alleged dichotomies relativity-representation and appearance-essence in the world of art as well as with respect to the private and public categories.

The TV screen constitutes the primary reference based on what superimpose multiple levels of seizure, representation and consumption of the reality-fiction that establish a play of paradoxes.

“Reality” in this case is centered on the annulment of the narrative image that takes place in the TV screen outside the signal or understanding.



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