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Jesús Nodarse Valdés. 


Arce, Dayán

Blanco Rusindo, Luis

Bordón, Edel

Garrido Ramos, Ines

Guzmán, Carlos

Hernández, Angel

Hernández, José Luis

Lopez Nieve, Kadir

Martínez Negrín, Alain

Mederox Sigler, José

Nodarse, Jesús

Pardo, Yamilé

Perera, Carlos Eloy

Rodríguez, Ismael

Sanchez Bravo, Teresa

Santos Zerpa, Raul

Suárez, Clavelvys

Suárez Blanco, Juan

Suárez Roque, Luis A.

Toste, Manuel

Trillo, Carlos

Vidal Feife, Yudit

Viscaino, Zenén


°Sagua la Grande, 1973. Graduated in the Cuban Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”

Jesús Nodarse shows in his paintings sensual characters, without intellectual complexities, that enjoy life, the pleasures of the body and a simple life. Characters that “have only one life that is to be enjoyed to the fullest”. Characters that have no false shame to show their naked bodies. According to the painter, this attitude demonstrates their high self-esteem, their privileged position, and their view of themselves as superior beings.

His over-dimensional figures look as if they are paying worship to hedonism. They are vain and frivolous, but they are indeed characters whose aim in life is just one: to enjoy all the pleasant times, to contemplate the world without redeeming it or changing it. Above all they are characters who give not even the smallest concession to the opinions of their fellow man.

The painter transmits convincingly an atmosphere of sensuality by means of an effective selection of warm and soft colors, as well as the use of emphatic and well-defined colors which help him give life to his characters, their clothes and all the objects surrounding them in order to realize their life of joy.

His characters require neither hidden clues nor show the intention of transmitting other messages than that of how much they enjoy the earthly pleasures, which seems divulge to us the view of the artist himself on the chosen the life style of his healthy and happy blushing creatures.

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