Arte de Cubanos.


Luis Antonio Suárez Roque.


Arce, Dayán

Blanco Rusindo, Luis

Bordón, Edel

Garrido Ramos, Ines

Guzmán, Carlos

Hernández, Angel

Hernández, José Luis

Lopez Nieve, Kadir

Martínez Negrín, Alain

Mederox Sigler, José

Nodarse, Jesús

Pardo, Yamilé

Perera, Carlos Eloy

Rodríguez, Ismael

Sanchez Bravo, Teresa

Santos Zerpa, Raul

Suárez, Clavelvys

Suárez Blanco, Juan

Suárez Roque, Luis A.

Toste, Manuel

Trillo, Carlos

Vidal Feife, Yudit

Viscaino, Zenén


° Havana 1966

The artist’s pictorial expression combines, in different stages, realistic representations suggestive of the begin and end of life and illustrations referring to different phases of the history of the Americas while starting from almost childlike, naive surrealistic and fantastic themes overflowing of his fertile imagination.

One can not but appreciate his vision of that mysterious and unknown world once called the New World by the European “discoverers” both from the point of view of the new arrivals from the “Old World” and the innocent perception of the men and women that already inhabited this world.

In his work there is a certain pleasure shown in his attraction of the clothes and weapons of that time, as well as in his commitment to correctly depict of the ships that plowed the water of the Caribbean Sea at the arrival of the European man.

From there he has progressed to the creation of pieces, containing a wealth of details details, where he includes elements of post medieval times in environments and atmospheres of fantastic and unreal world that is the product of his dreams or of his boundless imagination.


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