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Teresa Sánchez Bravo. 


Arce, Dayán

Blanco Rusindo, Luis

Bordón, Edel

Garrido Ramos, Ines

Guzmán, Carlos

Hernández, Angel

Hernández, José Luis

Lopez Nieve, Kadir

Martínez Negrín, Alain

Mederox Sigler, José

Nodarse, Jesús

Pardo, Yamilé

Perera, Carlos Eloy

Rodríguez, Ismael

Sanchez Bravo, Teresa

Santos Zerpa, Raul

Suárez, Clavelvys

Suárez Blanco, Juan

Suárez Roque, Luis A.

Toste, Manuel

Trillo, Carlos

Vidal Feife, Yudit

Viscaino, Zenén

°Havana, 1964.

Sculpture and painter.

Graduate from the Academy of Plastic Arts “San Alexander”, 1983.

Master in Sculpted Ceramics, Superior Institute of Art of Berlin-Weissensee, Germany, 1989.

From 1989 to the 2002, dean and professor of Sculpture in the Academy of Plastic Arts “San Alexander.

Teresa Sánchez Bravo has held six personal exhibitions in Germany and Havana:
- 2007 “IN ALBIS”. Center of Development of the Visual Arts Old Havana,

- 2006 “IN IT ANIMATES VILI”. Casa Simón Bolivar. Old Havana.

- 2001  “Sculptures and drawings”. Gallery Tabularasa, Fulda, Germany.

- 1994 "Toma 2” Centro de Arte 23 y 12. Havana.

- 1993 “Collages”, Galería La Víbora, Havana,

-1991 "Parallel", Galería del Cotorro, in the fringe of the 4th. Biennial of Havana.

She has participated in more than thirty collective Exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, the United States of America, Japan and Cuba, and received four Prizes for her ceramic works.
You can find her works in the collections of the National Museum of the Ceramics, Cuba, in the Panamerican Art Gallery in the United States and in the Wakita Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
Her drawings are exquisite and skillfully executed. In the works of her exhibition “In Albis” the space appears in all the pieces like protagonist. The conscious choice of square formats, exposed on the floor, gave her a relatively neutral space, where the spatial coordinates of “up-down” and “right-left” of the chosen format is left completely dependent on the angle from which they are observed. Any point of view is equally valid and uncontestable.

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