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Yudit Vidal Feife. 


Arce, Dayán

Blanco Rusindo, Luis

Bordón, Edel

Garrido Ramos, Ines

Guzmán, Carlos

Hernández, Angel

Hernández, José Luis

Lopez Nieve, Kadir

Martínez Negrín, Alain

Mederox Sigler, José

Nodarse, Jesús

Pardo, Yamilé

Perera, Carlos Eloy

Rodríguez, Ismael

Sanchez Bravo, Teresa

Santos Zerpa, Raul

Suárez, Clavelvys

Suárez Blanco, Juan

Suárez Roque, Luis A.

Toste, Manuel

Trillo, Carlos

Vidal Feife, Yudit

Viscaino, Zenén


The pictorial strokes of this young artist always take her towards a set point: the fantastic world of her dreams. With a great technical diversity her works progress inside the nightmares that each person has and more especially her own. From the examination of her and other people’s soul born the fantastic dreamy images that she traps in the cloth of the painting or the pasteboard with light, sure lines, disdaining the color to illuminate these creatures, the owners of the night, of the rivers, of the seasons; helped by the magical rituals of the artistic creation.

She is an instinctive artist and painter.

In spite of her youth she has opened up a path in to the world of the painting and she has been featured in collective and personal expositions in Quito, Equator. Her works are found in private collections in various countries and in prestigious galleries in New York and Barcelona, where they have been well received.

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