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  1. How do I contact Arte de Cubanos?
  2. What does Arte de Cubanos do?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Who are the artists?
  5. OK but who says I can afford this?
  6. How does one pay?

How do I contact Arte de Cubanos?

You can contact us by e-mail via our contact page (click here)

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What does Arte de Cubanos do?

We put you in contact with 20 of the top Cuban modern artists.  No more, no less. Arte de Cubanos is no on-line art gallery. We make no sales and we enter in no way in to the selling process. The website was set up by art lovers in Cuba and Europe to help Cuban artists present themselves to the world and to help art lovers to get in contact with these artists allowing them to purchase works of art directly from them. A fair deal for both, a win-win situation is what we hope to create.

The artists will also assist you the required paperwork so you can send or take the artwork out of Cuba without any problems. These are legal sales under Cuban law. There are no intermediaries, that is what sets this site apart from galleries.

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How does it work?

Simple. You contact us before you travel to Havana and tell us where we can reach you in Havana . Depending on the artists you want to visit you will be contacted and taken to the studios of the artists you would like to visit. There is no charge (beyond the taxi if needed) and no obligation to buy anything. There is no "hard sell" and you will not be pressured to buy anything. We would appreciate it though that you have a sincere desire to acquire some artwork in Cuba if and when you contact them via us. We do not provide transport. Arte de Cubanos is not a "tourist trap", but a genuine attempt to promote these artists.

The artists will also be able to help you with all the relevant paperwork to get the paintings out of Cuba. All sales are completely legal with all required documentation to be sent or carried out of the country.

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Who are the artists?

The artists are a selected group of top modern artists. Some have had showings in international galleries abroad and in top galleries in Cuba. The art is "investment grade" by which we mean that we believe that all artists have a genuinely unique talent that will ensure that any works purchased will not merely keep their value, but that it will increase in the future. By directly buying from the artists you are getting an opportunity to enhance you collection or to own that one painting you always wanted. Nobody connected with this site will be involved in any of the purchases you decide to make. This site helps the artists and is no gallery, neither on-line nor in Cuba.

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OK, but who says I can afford this?

The artists offer a wide range of artwork. Lithographs, prints, ... will start from 150 CUC (peso convertible) upwards to 700 CUC or more for larger paintings (oil paintings). The same paintings are sold in US and European galleries for the double of that price. The works are more expensive than the naive Cuban street art, but their inherent quality more than justifies this.

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How does one pay?

All payments are to be made in Peso Cubano Convertible (see currency info page) or their equivalent in foreign currency.

Sales are made on a cash only basis. There is no sales organization behind this initiative.

You buy from the artists or his immediate representative. Arte de Cubanos is no gallery nor an intermediary in the sales.

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